Payment Information

Cost for the Initial Conference:

The Initial Conference is the first session and it is designed for you to meet with Dr. Herman or Dr. Hess and share your concerns. This is a 45-minute session and the cost is $250. An assessment or therapy plan will be discussed during the initial conference.

Estimated Cost for a Psychodiagnostic Assessment:

Our psychodiagnostic assessments involve comprehensive testing for ADHD, learning disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and significant emotional factors such as depression and anxiety that might be contributing to under performance. Because these assessments are comprehensive in nature and administered by our expert diagnostic team, they require a commitment from all of us. The patient commitment is to arrive on-time, well-rested, and fed, to each testing session. You can expect our assessments to take roughly 15 hours of testing time, which generally breaks down into five 3-hour sessions.

Our commitment is to invest in you. We will administer, score, and interpret all tests. We believe in a team format and will have an internal case conference prior to meeting with you to share the results. We will also consult with outside doctors and therapists who might be involved. Following our case conference, we will meet with you to share our findings.

The last commitment involves the cost for our assessments. This varies some depending on the presenting problem; however, one can generally expect to pay around $5,400 for each assessment. While these assessments are rather costly, it is not as costly as a failed school or life experience. The amount of information discussed at the final conference with you will be substantial.

Finally, our team will assemble a comprehensive draft report that will be sent to you 3-4 weeks following the final conference. You will have a chance to make some edits to the background section should you find an error prior to us completing the assessment process.

Hourly Rate:

Dr. Herman and Dr. Hess' hourly rate is $250.

Fee for Service:

We are generally a fee for service company. Payment for all sessions is due at the time of the appointment. We do not accumulate fees.

Health Insurance Coverage:

Dr. Hess is a provider for Blue Cross and ATNEA. She is only available in the Valencia office. Your co-pay, annual deductible payments, or other non-covered fees will be due at the time of the session. Our administrative assistants in the South Pasadena branch will be in contact with you to arrange for payment and insurance billing. Dr. Hess is available for out-patient psychotherapy on a private pay basis.

Dr. Herman is a member of United Health Insurance for Caltech students only; otherwise, his services might be partially covered as an "out of network provider" under your health insurance plan. This would only apply if you have a PPO policy. Dr. Herman is only available in the South Pasadena office.

Outside of the health insurance coverage covered for Dr. Hess, we do not bill health insurance companies. We will provide you with a statement that you can submit for reimbursement.

We Accept Most Major Credit Cards:

We accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards (e.g., VISA, Master card, American Express, and Discover).

Health Savings Accounts:

You may submit our paid statement to your Health Savings Account (HSA) for reimbursement.