Fly in, fly out assessments.

Herman & Associates also serves prospective assessment clients who live outside the southern California region. We offer a special fly in, fly out assessment that is designed to be completed in a week. This package needs to be setup well in advance and does not include hotel accommodations. The schedule typically is as follows:

Day 1: Initial Conference, completing of forms, and testing.

Days 2-4: Testing, scoring, interpretation.

Day 5: Internal team meeting.

Day 6 or 7: Final conference.

We can typically adhere to this schedule provided everyone is healthy during the week and the testing sessions are completed efficiently. Clients tend to vary in terms of how quickly they work and how fast they fatigue, so there are no guarantees regarding completion time. That stated, we will try our best to have our team ready to go with enough time to finish an assessment in one week. Please note that the report will follow three to four weeks later.

To find out more information, please e-mail Dr. Herman at: